Yelp, Inc. (Yelp) connects people with local businesses by bringing ‘word of mouth’ online and providing a platform for businesses and consumers to engage and transact. The Company provides local business review sites.With its CFO, Rob Krolik’s resignation and the announcement of losses in the Q4 Earnings analysts see a short term bearish sentiment for the stock.

YELP – Yelp, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 16.06
Day’s high 18.84
Day’s low 15.5
P/E ratio 54.63
EPS 0.29


Analyst opinion Analysts have upgraded the rating for the stock to “Buy” yet the prices have slumped due to target cuts.
Sentiments The financial outlook of the company is weaker than expected. In the quarterly earnings call, on Tuesday, reported a 46% revenue growth. Yet, they lost $33 Million in 2015 compared to a profit of $37 Million in 2014.
With the news of a Q4 Loss and Yelp’s CFO Rob Krolik’s resignation, there seem to be negative sentiments regarding the stock
On Monday, the shares had plunged to  their lowest closing price since 2012, and analysts believe there may be a new low for the stock.
Revenue prediction  For Q1 of 2016, the stock has an EPS estimize consensus of -0.06 and revenue of 155.95.
Social pulse Social Media pulse is 32% lower than normal, lesser social chatter.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, Banks have had a tough time. The investors have been wary of their stability. Deutsche Bank has fallen 36% yoy , reflecting the general downtrend in the European Banking Sector.

DB – Deutsche Bank AG 
Fundamentals Previously closed at 15.4
Day’s high 16.1
Day’s low 15.08
P/E ratio NA
EPS -5.67


Analysts opinion Analysts believe the stock will further plunge
Sentiments Like shares, the contingent convertible bonds fell as well, and investors have been reassured by the bank that it has sufficient reserves to pay the EUR 350 million of AT1 coupons maturing this April 30. Despite the announcement, the investor confidence remains low, owing to the worsening economy in Europe
Chartists believe that despite the new low, the stock has still not hit the bottom.
The stocks decreased 7.82% yesterday, hitting a new low of $15.57, with a record volume of 8.13M shares. DB has declined 46.4% since mid 2015 and has been on the downtrend since.
Social pulse Social pulse is 32% lower than normal

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