VRX – Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc – develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals, OTC products and medical devices. Previously this week, $VRX prices had slumped due to bankruptcy scare. Chances are, it may plunge further, despite a 5% rise pre-market.

VRX- Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Fundamentals Previously closed at 26.69
Day’s high 33.70
Day’s low  29.52
P/E ratio 17.05
EPS 1.74


Analysts opinion With the news VRX postponing its annual report filing with SEC due to an ongoing investigation of its finances, and weak forecasts for 2016, the stocks plummeted to new lows in 5 years. The stock has lost atleast 85% of its value since its 1 year high. Today, the CEO, Mike Pearson sent out a memo, assuring the employees, that VRX will not be filing for bankruptcy. It also stated that, it would miss a deadline to file its annual report, which would risk Valeant pharma to fall into defaulting some of its debt unless the annual report was filed within the 60-day cure.
Sentiments The stock rose 5% pre-market, but has mixed sentiments from investors. While some investors are bullish due to CEO’s memo, many are bearish due to the associated risks.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.


ADBE – Adobe Systems Incorporated is a diversified software company. It rose 6.7% After-hours yesterday due to strong earnings report.

ADBE – Adobe Systems Incorporated

Fundamentals Previously closed at 89.96
Day’s high 90.21
Day’s low 87.25
P/E ratio 72.55
EPS 1.24


Analyst opinion Adobe not only crushed wall street expectations for Q1, but also gave strong Q2 outlook. For the Quarter ended Feb 2016, Adobe announced a $0.66 EPS, and a revenue of $1.38 billion crushing the wall street consensus estimate of $0.61 EPS and $1.34 Billion revenue. It rose 6% in the after-hour trading yesterday.
Sentiments Due to the news of strong revenues and strong next quarter outlook, the investors have a positive sentiment for the stock.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% Higher social chatter than usual.


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