ULTA – Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc is a beauty retailer, which provides more than 20000 prestige and mass beauty products. ULTA share price had risen 13% in the after hour session yesterday, and continues to rise Pre-Market today.

ULTA – Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 163.39
Day’s high 164.60
Day’s low  158.50
P/E ratio 35.13
EPS 4.65


Analysts opinion Yesterday, ULTA reported an EPS of $1.69 per share on revenues of $1.27 Billion. It marked a YoY revenue increase of 21%. It had 15 Buy ratings from brokers with a buy score of 2.70 and a consensus price target of $184.82. Currently, since the company has outperformed, the target price would increase.
Sentiments Needless to say, the investor sentiments have been hugely positive for the stock. The stock rose 13% in value overnight and investor sentiment is bullish.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.

JCOM – J2 Global Inc provides internet services Prices crashed from a $70.92 to $56.90 in one day due to Citron’s report, which downgraded JCOM to a price target of $27 as it feels that the business is outdated. Analysts seem have mixed opinions on the stock.

JCOM – J2 Global Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 56.90
Day’s high 70.92
Day’s low 55.43
P/E ratio 20.84
EPS 2.73


Analyst opinion  J2 replied to Citron today and said that the information provided by Citron is false. According to Forbes, J2 is now oversold, since its RSI fell to 25.6.
Sentiments J2 rose 0.56% pre-Market today, showing signs that the stock may be oversold. Investor sentiment seems to be positive.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% Higher social chatter than usual.




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