Lumentum Holdings (NASDAQ: LITE) has been interesting to look at over the last month or so. From a high of nearly $68, the stock fell all the way to $58 and seems to be bouncing back – but will it hold!

We thought it might be interesting to look at two alternative data charts to get some idea.

Confidence Meter

LITE Confidence Meter

The LITE Confidence Meter is a medium-to-long-term indicator based on Wall Street analyst firms’ opinions and this seems to be back to strongly bullish overall after having fallen from nearly 80% to about 50% a couple of months ago. So the general analyst outlook is quite positive for value investors. (Read What is Confidence Meter?)

Company Performance

LITE Revenue Forecast

Slight bump ahead! Crowd analysts are suggesting a revenue fall when we hear the next earnings announcement. Sure the performance post that looks strong but there is still time and predictions can change as days pass. Could that be a useful indicator for the short-term investors?

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