Following stocks have the highest Confidence meter and sentiment in the Technology sector. Analysts are pretty bullish about these stocks, and have a positive difference in the price target to current price.

  1. WDC –Western Digital Corp– is trading at $73.36 and has an average target price of $77
    • Confidence meter of WDC is 81%, i.e, most analysts are bullish about the stock. The recent acquisition of Sandisk is expected to provide synergy and operational efficiency to the stock, despite more debt and decline in revenue and EPS growth. With data center data storage is growing at 40% per year, WDC is expected to be a great long term buy
    • Sentiment Index is neutral for WDC. Many funds, including Raiff Partners, Huntington National Bank, Penserra Capital Management LLC etc are long with WDC recently.
    • Social media Pulse is higher than normal


  1. MBLY – Mobileye, is trading at $47.21 and has an average target price of $51.29
    • Confidence meter is 77% bullish – Mobieye reported great quarterly report, and hit a milestone by earning $100 Million Revenue in Q4. Analysts are bullish about the stock , however, caution is advised since the 2019 forecasts of company has factored in the revenue expectations from the long-term deals that they recently signed.
    • Sentiment Index is Positive – Though MBLY trading flat for a few days due to Citron announcing that the stock may fall to $25 in the near term, the investor sentiment seems positive for the stock.
    • Social media Pulse is higher than normal and the company expects an increase in revenues next quarter.


  1. AMAT – Applied Materials Inc – is trading at $36.26 with an average target price of $40.
    • Confidence meter is 90%, AMAT reported record growth of 86% yoy and 40% over quarter and non GAAP EPS for Q1 2017. Argus’s Analyst Jim Kelleher reiterated a buy rating on the company and raised his 12 month price target to $43.
    • Sentiment Index is positive for the stock. Many funds like Diligent Investors LLC, First Allied Advisory Services Inc and Pacad Investment ltd have recently taken position in AMAT.
    • Social media pulse is higher than normal.

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