Among financial services giants, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is probably one of the most respected, forward-looking, agile and dominating company out there. Having said that, the last few months have shown quite a bit of volatility in the stock – going from $218 to $227 then back down to $211 and back up at $226.

Over the last one year, the stock has given strong returns though. $10,000 invested last June would have yielded over $15,000 by now. So it should be interesting to see what various indicators are showing us.

GS Stock Sentiment

Goldman Sachs Stock Sentiment

Evidently, the sentiment has been constantly wavering over the last 3 months. And so has the stock price. But the thing to notice is also the consensus analyst price target which hangs at $233.2  as against the current price of $223. So the Wall Street expectation is probably that the stock will climb a little bit more from here.

On the stock sentiment front, while there’s consistent, long-term, bullishness the short-term fluctuations could be due to retirement announcements (head of M&A as well as head of equities) and after-effects of subsequent price drops.

Revenue Prediction

Goldman Sachs Revenue Prediction

Revenue consistency is one of the most significant long term signals and GS scores well here. The next announcement could see a revenue uptick and subsequent forecasts point to continuing stability.  Coupled with the Confidence Meter at a slightly bullish 58%, it should be interesting to see how GS continues to perform over the next 3 months.

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