Stocks Made Interesting This Oscars

Every major event every year - like the NBA finals or the Oscars - brings about a sense of enthusiasm towards the entertainment industry. But did you notice how many non-entertainment companies get involved quite often with these events? From stocks in sports to retail to social media, almost everyone could be susceptible to short-term investor interest.  (more…)
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Walmart may have bullish sentiments today

WMT– Walmart Stores Inc operates retail and wholesale stores worldwide. WMT – Walmart Stores Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 74.94 Day's high 75.19 Day's low 73.87 P/E ratio ­ 16.40   Analysts opinion Walmart posted a better than expected quarterly results today, owing to stronger sales. It reported a revenue of $120.9 Billion, beating analyst estimates of $119.3 Billion. While many of its peers are struggling, like Target, which reported
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Bullish sentiments for Walmart and Tesaro Inc

WMT– Walmart Stores, Inc operates various retail stores worldwide. WMT – Walmart Stores, Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 71.51 Day's high 71.87 Day's low 70.67 P/E ratio 15.90 EPS 4.52   Analysts opinion Walmart and have signed a joint filing agreement, with the idea of offering improved services in the Chinese market by combining retail and e-commerce. WMT is trading above both its 50-day moving averages of 69.84 and