The correlation between rising bond yields & equities: What should you do?

U.S. markets have cheered President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package, the subsequent $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, along with the rapid pace of COVID-19 vaccinations. Portfolio managers have snapped up recovery plays like energy, financials, industrials and sectors known to be sensitive to the economy. At the same time, bond yields have firmed in the past couple of weeks as the expansion in the U.S. economy also brings about worries
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Analyst Recommendations and Investing Signals for your Favourite Stocks

Do you find it daunting to invest in a new market? Is it important for you to read an elaborate analysis of the security you choose to invest in, before you make the final call? Do you find it difficult to gather all the necessary information and readings for the stocks and ETFs you want to invest in? Do you feel unsure about your investment before you choose to make

SPACs Put EVs on the Fast Lane of Growth

This is also powering the growth highway of several electric vehicle companies. Watch out for the likes of Fisker (FSR), Nikola (NKLA), Lordstown (RIDE), Lucid Motors (CCIV) and XL Fleet (XL), among others. SPACs have ensured these capital-heavy firms have ample money to fasten production and revenue. One-year returns chart of some SPAC EVs in the United States Data as of March 30, 2021 |  Source: Yahoo Finance Market capitalization of
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The Bulls and the Bears Fight For their Mark on Wall Street

Is it over for the tech giants of 2020? U.S. stocks hit a vortex of volatility as markets rallied constant upswings and downswings for the week. Technology stocks continue to make losses as the riders of 2020 lose investor confidence, and higher bond yields continue to lure investors away from the equity market and closer to the bond market.  Investor fervour has been settled in recent days as the U.S.

Going green: What’s Good for the Planet may also be Good for your Portfolio!

Renewable energy stocks have been buzzing lately as investors increased their focus on sustainability and climate change. The sector’s growth rate, too, has accelerated after de-carbonization initiatives expanded beyond the energy sector, with companies across the board doubling down on publishing environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports focused on cutting emissions.  Shares of such companies were in the limelight through 2020 when U.S. equities recorded stellar returns. Their movements are

Bitten by the bitcoin bug? How Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey or Michael Saylor could be of help to you

What’s common between Tesla (TSLA), MicroStrategy (MSTR) and Square (SQ)? For one thing, all their shares have soared about 500%-800% in just the past one year. But what’s more interesting is that these three companies, along with a select other U.S. firms, are your gateway to the world of Bitcoin.T 3-month returns chart of Bitcoin This was the case for a three-month period. The yearly gains are even more mind

Are U.S. Equities in a sweet spot?

Does an appreciated INR make it sweeter for Indian Investors? Indian investors are attracted to the US markets because of the presence of well-known companies with popular products. However, the dilemma is whether these companies present the right investment opportunity, especially, currently? Or does the US market as a whole present an investment opportunity? What about companies which are lesser known in India? Maybe those present a better opportunity? "One

Shopping for retailer stocks? Here’s what’s in store for you

Did you know about an ecommerce stock that surged over 1,000% during the pandemic year? Or how about some household names among physical retailers that jumped about 60%-75% in a year marred by lockdowns and store closures? Investors in Utah-based (OSTK), an online furniture retailer, and the likes of Target (TGT) and Kohl’s (KSS) must be a happy bunch with their returns, especially in a turbulent environment brought about

Companies to Watch Out for in 2021

As this pandemic age comes with new innovations, groundbreaking developments, and revised standards of living, companies must revolutionize themselves and nimbly adapt to the present. The past year saw an unprecedented switch to the internet, as the people of the world sat stuck in their homes facing a global lockdown. This week, we will discuss in detail, prospects of two such companies that stand to weather this storm and take
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Nasdaq sees third straight weekly loss, down over 8% from Feb highs

U.S. stocks witnessed a volatile week as a tech-led sell-off weighed on the markets, although a shift to cyclicals in a recovering economy helped limit losses and stay afloat. Concerns about rising bond yields jittered investors who were worried about a tightening of monetary policy. The weakness intensified after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell failed to quell investors’ worries around higher yields. Towards, the end of the week, however, markets