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Have more than one brokerage accounts? Bring them into Stockal

Managing money invested across multiple brokerage accounts is never easy. And a lot of us own and operate multiple accounts. Opening different accounts as and when an opportunity (or need?) comes up. For instance, our 401(k) account takes care of most of our compliance needs. Then there’s an account for other passive instruments and, potentially one more for active – often mostly stock – investments. Some brokers offer better commission rates
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What is Basis Trading

An arbitrage trading strategy that aims to profit from perceived mispricing of similar securities. Basis trading relates to a trading strategy in which a trader believes that two similar securities are mispriced relative to each other, and the trader will take opposing long and short positions in the two securities in order to profit from the convergence of their values. The strategy is known as basis trading, because it typically
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Positive revenue reports – While Dollar General Corp surged, Canadian Solar plunged pre-market

DG - Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer which offers a wide range of consumer, packaged food, seasonal products etc, with a total of 12,483 stores currently operating in the U.S. The stock was up 4.56% in the after hour trading and may be bullish today. DG - Dollar General Corporation Fundamentals Previously closed at 75.17 Day's high 75.33 Day's low 74.38 P/E ratio 19.66 EPS 3.82   Analysts opinion The
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What is momentum stock investing?

Momentum stock investing is an investment strategy adopted by investors who try to monetize the momentum of an existing trend in the market. Momentum stock investors buy stock with upward price movement and sell ones with downward price movement. This investing method encourages going with the current trend which is in shear contrast with the Wall Street ideology of 'purchase low and sell high.' Richard Driehaus made this strategy popular