2020 – The Stocks In Shining Armor!

2020 has been a year of ups and downs. The year, too many, felt like a repeat telecast of The Great Recession. Trade experts even opined that the past 12 months reminded them of the Dot Com Bubble from years ago. There were job losses, pay cuts, businesses shutting down, and companies suffering losses. It was truly a chaotic year for businesses and investors alike. The faith of investors remained unbridled even
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Post Election Calls for a Volatile Week

US equity markets witnessed a volatile week following swings between optimism and worries about the coronavirus, easing political uncertainty and corporate earnings. While Pfizer Inc said its experimental COVID-19 vaccine in a Phase 3 trial showed more than 90 percent effectiveness, President-elect Joe Biden sealed his lead over incumbent President Donald Trump in the election. The reduced uncertainty helped S&P clock its best post-election weekly show in at least four decades.
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Stimulus Setback and Pandemic Factors Weigh in Heavily on Wall Street

Markets meandered through the middle of the earnings season as September retail sales gave it the confidence that America's economic engine – spending by its consumers – was intact. The IPO market continues to be hot with a slew of mortgage companies looking to tap the market at a time when housing demand is looking strong. Too many outside factors – looming Presidential elections, rising coronavirus cases, and others -
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Stimulus Hopes Drive Wall Street Rally

Traders kept one eye on the Congress this week as they hoped for a deal on the size of the stimulus package. IBM’s decision to split into two companies sent its shares higher up as it pushed for cloud business. ExxonMobil lost its position as the biggest U.S. oil company as the nature of the energy business is undergoing change. Top stories this week  Stimulus hopes drive weekly gains for
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Good Investing Is A Mix Of Talent & Skill … and Patience

If you're a young investor just entering, or looking to enter, the stock market - this is a perhaps great time to be in your position. Done right, investing can actually be more interesting and much simpler, and enjoyable, than most people will have you believe. "You see, I always thought that 'numbers are not my thing'. But hey, I love stories and as I started taking interest in businesses,
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Ideas are the Bedrock of Successful Investments

Much has been said about discovering the right investable security – in most cases, a “winning” stock – that ends up making lives of investor and careers of analysts/fund managers. But unfortunately, there’s still not quite enough in terms of products and platforms out there to help people discover potentially great ideas. There are scores of stories around of an investor having made an investment in a Ford in the
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About The Confidence Meter From Stockal

While trying to make sense of all the information out there about a stock you're researching, Analyst Opinion can be tricky to understand. At any given point in time, there are multiple opinions present for the same stock, from different-different analyst firms. What Jefferies rates a "Buy", Nomura may rate a "Strong buy" and Morgan Stanley may rate a "hold" - all on the same day. Individual retail investors are seldom
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About Generating The Best Investing Ideas

Picking the right stocks is at the core of being a successful investor. With over 10,000 stocks listed on US exchanges alone, there’s always a chance you might be missing opportunities ‘coz you’re not looking hard enough. Different investors have different approaches to identifying stocks, but the best investors have a streamlined workflow and they value their workflow more than the stocks they invest in. Seasoned investors have the ability