Biden’s ‘Clean’ Sweep Favours Renewables and EV Industry

Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election has provided a huge boost to the shares of electric-vehicle makers and renewable energy firms, as the U.S. President-elect has promised the ‘Build Back Better’ policy goals for clean energy and manufacturing. While stocks of these companies have been on a tear in 2020 so far, with frenzied buying visible in the sought-after Tesla and Nikola stocks, Biden’s victory cemented investors’

Petting Big: Coronavirus Impact on U.S. Pet-Care Stocks

Even as the novel coronavirus ravaged global economies, some business segments have witnessed stellar growth during the ongoing healthcare crisis and resulted in healthy returns for investors of these stocks in 2020. One such example is the pet-care industry in the United States. More Americans bought or adopted pets during the coronavirus-induced restrictions and stay-at-home orders, a trend reportedly last seen during the last financial crisis when robust pet ownerships
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Stocks To Look Out For This Week!

Sharing information on stocks we will keep a close watch on, in the coming week. There can be good trading opportunities in these tickers: Monday - (HP Inc. and Carter’s Inc.): HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) to report quarterly earnings after market and Carter's Inc. (NYSE: CRI) to report earnings before the market opens on Monday. Shares of HP, the computer and printer company have stayed flat over the past year
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NVIDIA Brings In Valentine’s Day With Great News – Shares Pop By 7%

NVIDIA surprised markets on Valentine's Day with great quarterly results. The company reported that its fourth-quarter revenue touched the figure of $3.11 billion, almost 41% higher than the $2.21 billion it reported in the 4th quarter last year!Other key highlights from the earnings reported are as follows:GAAP earnings per diluted share for the quarter was $1.53, 66% higher than $0.92 in the previous year.Total revenue for fiscal 2020 was $10.92 billion,
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What Is Arbitrage Trading – A Primer

Arbitrage trading is simply defined as the act of leveraging the price difference of identical or similar types of financial securities in two different markets. Arbitrageurs, who involves in arbitrage trading, buy stock in one market at lower price and simultaneously sell it into another market at higher price. Thus, making profit from a short term price difference. (more…)