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Stockal’s Meter Parses Out Differences In Traditional Vs. Modern Stocks

The original article published on Benzinga can be found here. Stockal recently tested their proprietary Confidence Meter and Sentiment Index to see how well they correlated with the share price movement of new-age stocks and blue chip “traditional” stocks in the second quarter.  The Confidence Meter is a measure of aggregated opinion of over 200 Wall Street analysts. The Sentiment Index is generated by an algorithm that analyzes social media
Investing 101

What Is Market Sentiment Index

Sentiment index allows traders to take a quick note of investor’s or marketer’s feelings. The investor sentiment index is mostly neutral but provides better results when the market is strongly bearish or bullish. When the market sentiment is bullish, investors expect prices to move upwards and when the market sentiment is bearish, investors expect prices to move downwards. Intelligence sentiment index is highly affected by major events in the market