Investing 101

What Are GDP, CPI and PPI & Why Do They Matter?

One of the things that can be daunting for those new to the investing and trading world is the plethora of acronyms and abbreviations that those with more experience throw around. They are often to do with analyzing an individual stock or its performance, but some refer to economic data that, taken together, help you to form an opinion on and, more importantly an outlook for, the broader economy. GDP,
Investing 101

What Is Market Sentiment

Market Sentiment is defined as the attitude of investors towards a particular stock or the overall market through the prior price movements or associated activities in the market. It is a result of various factors which include prior fluctuation in values, national and global events, economic reports, seasonal factors and similar others. Investor keep a keen eye on market sentiment via various technical and analytical methods such as comparison between
Investing Research

Sentiments and the Chinese Crisis

China is obviously going through an unprecedented crisis and only time will tell when the stock markets will settle down. And where. But analyst speculators are not very bullish about the next year or so. As a team that's working on analysis of unstructured data to understand stock trends, this is a very interesting time for us. Making sense of the current chatter and news and what analysts are saying