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Positive revenue reports – While Dollar General Corp surged, Canadian Solar plunged pre-market

DG - Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer which offers a wide range of consumer, packaged food, seasonal products etc, with a total of 12,483 stores currently operating in the U.S. The stock was up 4.56% in the after hour trading and may be bullish today. DG - Dollar General Corporation Fundamentals Previously closed at 75.17 Day's high 75.33 Day's low 74.38 P/E ratio 19.66 EPS 3.82   Analysts opinion The
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What is Spot Market

‘Spot market’ is a financial market where financial assets, securities or commodities are bought and sold in cash with immediate delivery. It is also known as ‘cash market’ or ‘physical market’. Spot market can be either an organized market or OTC (over the counter) or an exchange. In the spot market, contracts got effective immediately as soon they are traded while commodities can be delivered in one month or less.