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Major indexes with impressive performances

Antonio's perspective is back this weekend! The US stock market’s rally has been impressive since Donald Trump took Office, but there is no way to know if it will continue or not, after having hit some of the analyst goals given for the entire year. The major indexes are now up about 15 percent from November lows and for anyone who scooped up more speculative shares, such as small caps
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What is Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The 'Dow Jones Industrial Average' or DJIA is one of the most popular and 2nd oldest stock market index. It includes 30 major blue chip stocks corporate players like Coca-Cola, Apple, Disney among the many others, in the stock market and acts as proxy for the rest of the companies. It was coined by Charles Dow in 1896 as the price weighted average of few selected stocks on New York
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What is Stock Market Index?

Stock Market Index or Stock Index is defined as the computed numerical value for the stock market for a particular section or segment of the market. Stock Index is a representation of the stock market for the set of securities from a particular market only. Various stock market indices have their own different computational methodology and are defined for a specific market segment. Hence, the relative percentage change is always