Stocks Made Interesting This Oscars

Every major event every year - like the NBA finals or the Oscars - brings about a sense of enthusiasm towards the entertainment industry. But did you notice how many non-entertainment companies get involved quite often with these events? From stocks in sports to retail to social media, almost everyone could be susceptible to short-term investor interest.  (more…)
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Disney and Wendy’s look like good entry points today

DIS –  Disney is a global media and entertainment company. DIS – The Walt Disney Company Fundamentals Previously closed at 106.60 Day's high 106.75 Day's low 105.45 P/E ratio 19.09 EPS 5.35   Analysts opinion Disney reported its Q2 earnings after market close yesterday. It posted its first earnings miss in a year at $1.36 per share, versus wall street expectations of $1.40. Revenues also missed, at $12.97 Billion, while
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$PFE and $DIS may have positive market sentiments in the near future

Let's look at what analyst's have to say about $PFE and $DIS- PFE- Pfizer, Inc. Analytics Previously closed at 30.17 Day's high 30.34 Day's low 29.81 P/E Ratio 22.6 EPS 1.33   Analysts opinion Analyst look into as bullish trend for the company's stocks post  its recent acquisition of Treerly and its family of product from Sirio pharma. Sentiments Earnings growth last year had been -16.32% when compared to this year
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What is Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The 'Dow Jones Industrial Average' or DJIA is one of the most popular and 2nd oldest stock market index. It includes 30 major blue chip stocks corporate players like Coca-Cola, Apple, Disney among the many others, in the stock market and acts as proxy for the rest of the companies. It was coined by Charles Dow in 1896 as the price weighted average of few selected stocks on New York