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Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is potential breakout candidate

Once again, we have a weekend read with holistic perspectives for you. Analyzing the Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) stock this time, this post covers technical analysis by Antonio Costa - our friendly technical expert on the US markets - and combines that with views of Wall Street sentiment and investor activity about the stock on social media. Technical Analysis by Antonio Costa The bulls have no reason to be alarmed. In
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Cisco could be a great growth stock

Summary: Value investment – great dividends & repurchase program Beneficial Acquisitions – Sourcefire, Jasper Entry into the future: The IoT market segment Cisco has recovered from its February lows of $22.51 to $27.62 at the time of writing this article. Despite an 18% recovery, Cisco seems to be fairly undervalued for a variety of reasons. To most investors, Cisco has been a safe bet which offers stability and strong fundamentals.
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Sentiment Analysis for Cisco Systems and Natus Medical Inc

CSCO – Cisco Systems, Inc is a global firm which builds and delivers IP-based networking solutions related to IT and Communications industry. Its range of products and services include Switching, Next-Generation Network (NGN) Routing, Data Center, Security etc. The stock price was down 2% pre-market today. CSCO – Cisco Systems, Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 28.14 Day's high 28.41 Day's low 28.01 P/E ratio 13.94 EPS 2.02   Analysts opinion