Every major event every year – like the NBA finals or the Oscars – brings about a sense of enthusiasm towards the entertainment industry. But did you notice how many non-entertainment companies get involved quite often with these events? From stocks in sports to retail to social media, almost everyone could be susceptible to short-term investor interest. 

Now that La La Land has failed to land (pun not intended) that Best Picture award at the Oscars, wondering what will happen to the Lionsgate stock? Well, not just Lionsgate, here are some stocks that you might find interesting in the context of this year’s Oscars:

Facebook (FB): Advertising is a big deal around Oscar time. With TV ad spots at an all-time-high ($2mn for 30 seconds spread over 45 minutes of total ads during the show, according to NY Post), ad volumes on social networks should soar.

Kohl’s (KSS) and Walmart (WMT): These retailers have participated in a big way this year with significant sponsorships for the actual show and its digital properties.

Amazon (AMZN), Walt Disney (DIS) and Viacom (VIAB): These should be no surprise at all. Popular distribution and production players in the film industry are bound to be interesting around this time. The one that may look odd is Amazon but hey, Amazon Studios backed Manchester by the Sea! 

Lionsgate (LGA): They backed La La Land that resulted in great box office riches. With the movie winning awards (even though it missed the big one) there was enough buzz about the film to boost its international performance which lasts way beyond the US release.

Want to add more stocks to this list? Feel free to comment.

image credit @theoscars on Flickr

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