Investing has always played a large role in our lives. Not too long ago, there was a time when people used to grab news papers, analyze point size information, map out graphs, club all the factors together and then decide investing in a particular stock. With time the trend has changed. Researching about stocks is crucial and the ways of doing the same has evolved over the generations. Certainly with the introduction of social platforms and media, our ways of researching and finding out an appropriate stock for ourselves has become slightly lesser complex.

The Millennial generation is much more exposed to the social world and therefore the focus has also shifted towards the latest technology and social media to seek out and engage with stock market. A recent study found that 84% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other forms of advertising. Millennials are geared towards what is ‘good’ according to their peer review.

Peer review helps us gain exposure to a personal experience. When we read a genuine review, we know that there is a very low possibility of bias towards the product and therefore it can be trusted. For instance, if we’re thinking of buying a product, the first thing we do is to check out some peer reviews. We choose the brand which has the highest rating and good reviews.  Investing in stock market requires extensive research. Finding relevant information from trustworthy sources is crucial to decision making. Our generation uses social media to do this. We follow several fellow trustworthy traders and news sources on social media and check out their views regarding the stock we are interested in.

Seizing the need of the hour and how our generation is deeply involved with the social media we have several apps that analyze market data and provide insights, helping us make smart trading and investment decisions.

At Stockal, we diligently choose reliable sources (be it tweets, Analyst reports or news) which provide information relevant to your decision making.  Our investing signals are based on Machine Learning Algorithms, which analyses social media, Wall St. Analysts and Market data to provide you with greater insights into making your investing decision.

This is a millennial post – an effort to give our younger audience a chance to express themselves on the Stockal Blog.

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