OIS – Oil States International, Inc – through its subsidiaries, provides specialty products and services to oil and natural gas companies worldwide. Today, Saudi Arabia ruled out output cuts by major producers. Due to this, oil price plunged lower yet again causing stock markets around the world to trade at lower prices. Due to this, analysts believe OIS prices may have negative sentiments.

OIS- Oil States International, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 23.06
Day’s high 24.29
Day’s low 22.97
P/E ratio 41.62
EPS 0.55


Analyst opinion Due to global Oil prices plunging, OIS is expected to trade at lower prices today. OIS has a P/S of 1.06, P/B of 0.91, Quick ratio of 2.60 and current ratio of 4.0. the concerns for analysts has been its growth aspects, with a forward PE as high as 118.26.
Sentiments Due to the decision of Saudi Arabia which ruled out production cuts for their oil outputs, the sentiments for  OIS remain negative
Currently, OIS has a double bottom chart pattern, indicating a possible trend reversal. This shows the possibility of the stock having positive sentiments by chartists. However, taking macro economic factors into consideration, we may say that for the short term, the sentiments would remain negative
Revenue Prediction The revenue for Q4 for OIS was $248.4 million, lower than the expected $249.37 million
Social Pulse The stock has  50% higher social chatter than usual

MNOV – MediciNova Inc, a bio pharmaceutical company stock surged post announcements that its MN-166 (ibudilast) drug had positive results in an outpatient Phase-2 study.

MNOV – MediciNova Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 5.3
Day’s high 5.63
Day’s low 5.25
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.34


Analysts opinion It has a P/B of 4.14, P/C of 6.73, Quick and current ratios of 18.70. It is also an all equity stock, with zero debt and is believed to have good growth potential.
Sentiments The company announced that the primary outcome of the study of drug MN-166 (Ibudilast) as a treatment for methamphetamine-dependent(crystal meth) persons shows positive results. The investor sentiments have been positive for the stock.
MNOV is up 24% above its 20 day SMA and 49% above its 200 day SMA, also, it is 67.1% away from its all time high of $16.12. The technical indicators show positive sentiments for the stock
Social Pulse The stock has  100% higher social chatter than usual

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