Tesla Motors, Inc, designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles. The share price is down by 38% this year. With the recent downgrade of the stock by analysts, the stock price has plummeted.

TSLA – Tesla Motors, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 148.25
Day’s high 159.79
Day’s low 141.06
P/E ratio NA
EPS -5.33


Analyst opinion Analysts believe that TSLA might further plunge in prices, owing to a meek production of its Model X.
Sentiments The financial outlook of the company looks weak with a negative EPS, and a P/B ratio of 14.55.
The company is working on technological advancement, a new age, self-parking technology for vehicles. There have been reports that TSLA has sued its supplier, who is involved in the devlopment of gull-wing doors, and this may further slow down the production of its Model X.
While the vehicle sales of Tesla has seen a significant rise for the Q4, one must wait and watch for the earnings release later today. There have been many stocks this year, which despite an earnings growth have not seen positive market sentiments due to various external factors.
Revenue prediction For Q4 2015, Estimize consensus EPS is 0.05, and a revenue estimate of $1792.17 Milllion.
Social pulse Social Media pulse is 32% lower than normal, lesser social chatter.


SCTY – SolarCity Corp, installs and sells renewable residentail solar energy systems. The stock fell ~27% since the announcement high sales in 2015 but losses and weak Q1 predictions. Analysts believe the stocks are yet to hit the bottom at $19.42.

SCTY – SolarCity Corp
Fundamentals Previously closed at 19.42
Day’s high 20.5
Day’s low 18.26
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.69


Analysts opinion Analysts believe the stock may plunge further in today’s trade. The stock has a Debt:Equity of 3.01.
Sentiments Currently, the company has a deteriorating net income, high debt management risks and poor return on equity. It basically has poor fundamentals due to its business model, which allows for selling on long-term monthly contractual basis. It recognizes only a small part of the full revenue and instills it each quarter. This might yet be a setback for the firm due to Global financial turmoil at present, if the spending habits of consumer weakens in the near future.
The current political situation may not be favourable for the firm, with talks of reducing the tax credits by potential presidential candidates. Also, the NEM 2.0 in California state “Time of use” concession is in place which would make residential solar less viable.
Social pulse The Social media pulse for the stock is 39% lower than normal.


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