COST – Costco Wholesale corporation operates in membership warehouses space. Analysts expect a bullish medium term for the stock.

COST – Costco Wholesale Corporation

Fundamentals Previously closed at 150.52
Day’s high 152.95
Day’s low 150.39
P/E ratio 28.61
EPS 5.34


Analysts opinion COST has a Beta of 0.86, P/B ratio of 6.10, P/S ratio of 0.57 and PEG ratio of 3.15.
Sentiments Costco is growing aggressively with 698 warehouses around the world, up from 671 last year. It has invested in upgrading its IT, and the cost of employee healthcare, and inflation are weighing on it. Add to this a slowdown of sales in the U.S., resulted in a lower than expected revenue.
Yesterday, Costco announced its Q4 earnings of $1.24 per share, which is lower than the expected $1.28. The price of the stock is down 2.72% pre-market due to the news. However, analysts believe that it has strong growth prospects and will not be bearish for long.
Revenue Prediction Estimize consensus for Q1 2016 revenues are $1.29 per share
Social Pulse The stock has 3% lower social chatter than usual.

SUNE – SunEdison, a renewable energy company develops, finances, installs, owns and operates renewable power plants to a variety of customers. The stock traded 12.29% lower pre-market due to the fact that banks refused to pay loans to SUNE for the much anticipated Vivint deal.

SUNE – SunEdison

Fundamentals Previously closed at 1.79
Day’s high 1.89
Day’s low 1.49
P/E ratio NA
EPS -4.03


Analysts opinion SUNE has a Beta of 3.84, PEG ratio of 0.02, P/S ratio of 0.19 and P/B ratio of 0.34. Analysts believe the stock will be bearish.
Sentiments SUNE lacks liquidity to close its deals. It is also being investigated as its previous executives and an ex-employee are implying that the liquidity position of the company is not accurately being disclosed. Many analysts have downgraded their ratings of SUNE.
Adding to that, SUNE also announced that it will be delaying its 10-K filing and dividends would be deferred.
Revenue Prediction SUNE has an estimize consensus Q4 revenues of ($0.92) per share.
Social Pulse  

The stock has 5% lower social chatter than usual.

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