MCD – McDonald’s Corp. is a food chain retailer franchise which operates in various countries around the globe. The stock rose 0.5% pre-market today.

MCD – McDonald’s Corp.

Fundamentals Previously closed at 123.17
Day’s high 124.10
Day’s low 123.12
P/E ratio 25.66
EPS 4.80


Analysts opinion Today, Credit Suisse raised its price target for MCD to $135 due to higher earnings report and weaker USD. A strong USD can be bad for MCD since it operates in numerous countries. In its earnings report, MCD announced a net income of $4.5 million and total revenue of $25.4 billion, which is a 5% and 7% decrease each from 2014. However, if we exclude the foreign currency exchange, the net income and revenue has increased 5% and 3% compared to 2014. Analysts remain optimistic regarding the stock.
Sentiments While the investors are eagerly waiting for Janet Yellen’s upcoming speech on monetary policy, the sentiments for MCD may depend on this as well, since it is impacted by Strong/Weak dollar.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 21% lower chatter than usual.

TROV – Trovagene, Inc is a molecular diagnostic company which focuses on development of urine-based diagnostic technology for the use of disease detection and monitoring.

TROV – Trovagene, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 5.11
Day’s high 5.32
Day’s low 5.03
P/E ratio NA
EPS -1.24


Analyst opinion After market close yesterday, TROV announced that it has terminated CEO Antonius Schuh and CFO Stephen Zaniboni and has filed a complaint against the two for breach of fiduciary duty. The stock plunged 40% earlier today morning, and is currently trading 20% lower. The
Sentiments Due to the news, the sentiments for the stock seem bearish until the investor confidence is boosted.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 47% lower social chatter than usual.


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