Taking a break from writing about tech stocks, we’re looking at aerospace stocks today in this post. Interestingly, the change in political landscape seems to have done more good than bad for these stocks – something the markets were not completely sure of since the government has such a huge impact on it.

Wall Street Opinion on Aerospace Stocks

Aerospace Stocks Wall St Opinion

Noticeably, the Confidence Meter for most stocks is above 65% and some score pretty high – as much as above 80%. Which generally goes to signify that Wall Street is independently bullish about most of these companies and their stocks. Also encouraging to see are the relative differences between their current and target prices for most of the stocks.

Let’s look at Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) since this is a good representative of the aerospace arena and a substantial part of LMT revenues comes from government contracts.

Lockheed Martin Indicators

LMT Stock Price

The Confidence Meter for LMT is a healthy 78% with the weighted avg. price target got set at $278.38 when the stock price was in the mid-260s. The price just went past $280!

Revenue Prediction

Though LMT beat revenue estimates at Estimize in their last announcement, short-term trends don’t look that positive. However, going forward the revenues are projected to got back up indicating a long-term positive outlook on the stock.

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