Are we at an inflection point where Value will beat Growth?

Growth stocks have beaten Value stocks over the past 12 years. Table below shows the historical performance between Growth and Value stocks. Growth has beaten Value over the past 3, 5 and 10 years. However, Value has beaten Growth over the past 1 year, with especially strong returns over the past 1-month.

Historically, there have been long stretches where Value has beaten Growth and vice versa. The picture below shows the Value vs. Growth trends going back to 1930.

So the question is, are we at an inflection point? Is it time for the trend to reverse? With increasing evidence of a global slowdown and a possible end to a bull market, is it time for investors to rotate out of Growth stocks and buy Value stocks?

Here are some value stocks where the majority of sell-side analysts covering the stock have given a buy rating, according to data collected by Factset.




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