Every day, more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is generated. With data being available at that a huge scale, we need systems that analyse the data faster, in order to provide real time responses. Quicker Analysis, Data compression, and storage are few of the most important aspects that companies are competing to optimize.

Intel(INTC) announced its strategic, cross-Intel organisation – Artificial Intelligence Products Group(AIPG), post its acquisition of the firm Nervana. It is lead by the former CEO of Nervana, Naveen Rao. AIPG aims to align Intel’s strategic focus on data by incorporating resources from across the firm to build upon their leading AI portfolio: The Intel Nervana Platform. Intel is integrating Nervana’s software expertise to optimize its Math Kernel Library and its integration into industry standard frameworks. Intel aims to advance the performance of its Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors.

Intel’s Math Kernel Library is used to optimise the mathematical functions used in engineering, science and finance. The functional categories include Linear Algebra (BLAS routines), multidimensional Fast Fourier Transforms, Vector Math functions, Deep Neural Network, etc. In simpler terms, Intel’s Math Kernel Library, enables the user to do things like – Noise filtering, Image size reduction, Integration with IoT (through Arudino Create). A few case studies that have used Intel’s MKL would be, Extracting the value of Cryptocurrencies to Sentiment Analysis (analysis of posts from social media), Medical diagnostics (brain mapping) to classify Alzheimer’s and epilepsy; The Doctor Hazel Project – a real time skin cancer diagnostic software.

Intel Capital, a Global Investment arm of Intel, has been steadily investing into Data and AI startups. In May, Intel Capital announced investments of $72 Million in 12 Technology startups including Movellus, SiFive, Lyncean Technologies, VenueNext, and China’s Espressif Systems. Below are few of the startups that are on Intel’s Portfolio.

Spotinst – Provides intelligent solutions for optimizing workload by leveraging cloud providers’ capacity.

AIRY3D- Provides a 3D from 2D images without any need for complex optics.

Embodied, Inc –“Developing life-like robots to revolutionize care and wellness for humans”. The company’s vision statement says it all.

ProGlove – Creates wearable technology for industrial use. ProGlove enables the wearer of the glove to scan 1D and 2D barcodes.

Alauda – It is a container-as-a-service provider to help simplify and streamline management of containerized applications.

Avaamo – has built a new AI platform that has speech synthesis, speech recognition, multi-faceted ML, etc, which combines tools and data in a way that helps and enables engineers to design and deploy conversational interfaces.


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