$GPRO- GoPro Inc last closed at 14.60- Bullish (medium term)

GoPro is one of the leading action camera manufacturer.

GoPro’s stock has been trading 4.33% lower on the days’ trade, ending with the closing price of $14.60 after touching a day’s high of $15.70. The rates had fallen after an ongoing investigation of claims against the action camera manufacturer and its officers in violating security laws by misleading information to investors. However, there has not been any significant proof supporting the claims. Looking at the past indices analysts report a bullish trend for the company’s stock. Its recent partnership with google to generate 360-degree video content is a symbol for the near growth of the company.


$CVS – CVS Health corporation last closed at 95.69 – Bullish (Short Term)

CVS provides integrated pharmacy health care services. It has retail pharmacy segments.  CVS has announced that it will sell a drug ‘Narcan’- a Naloxone, over-the-counter. Naloxone drug is used for emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose, manufactured by Adapt Pharma and corroborated by Lightlake Therapeutics(LLTP). It is the only FDA approved Nasal Naloxone.

President Obama announced yesterday that $133 million will be allocated in the year 2016 for buying Naloxone drug, in an effort to fight opium overdose. The government will be tripling its purchases to 400,000 units of the drug.

Adding to this, the pricing of Narcan is very competitive at $75. Since it is a Nasal Naloxone, it can be administered by anyone, unlike its competitor Evizio which costs $575, and Naloxone injection (priced $40), but would need a trained professional to administer.

Since CVS intends to sell Narcan Over the counter, there has been a rise in the Sentiment Index, which may lead to a bullish trend in the market.


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