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Analyst Recommendations and Investing Signals for your Favourite Stocks

Do you find it daunting to invest in a new market? Is it important for you to read an elaborate analysis of the security you choose to invest in, before you make the final call? Do you find it difficult to gather all the necessary information and readings for the stocks and ETFs you want to invest in? Do you feel unsure about your investment before you choose to make
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Stacks: The One Click Portfolio Investment

U.S. stock markets have been major wealth creators among other global equities, having withstood turbulent economic times,  one of them being the financial crisis in 2008. The main indexes of Wall Street — the S&P 500 (GSPC), the Dow Jones (DJI) and the Nasdaq (IXIC) — have maintained this trend over the past five years as well, more than doubling people’s investments.  5 year Returns of Major Wall Street Indices

WhatsApp Privacy Concern “Signals” New Era

Less than 15 days into the new year and stay-at-home saviours — social media and messaging apps — have been at the centre of a major global controversy. The developments around both the mediums have made people criticise the incumbent companies in these ecosystems and, in some cases, divided its user base. It began with Twitter (TWTR), Facebook (FB), Instagram, and Snap (SNAP) suspending U.S. President Donald Trump’s accounts for inciting violence,
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GRANOLAS May Give Investors a Bite into European Market Leaders

With steady cash flow, the dividend could make these companies winners. It has nothing to do with the munching bar you know. But it is called GRANOLAS. If you eat them at breakfast, it still is not GRANOLAS. For equity market investors, though, it is certainly food for thought. GlaxoSmithKline. Roche Holding. Nestle. L’Oréal. LVMH. Novartis. Novo Nordisk. ASML. AstraZeneca. SAP. Sanofi. These companies, leaders in their own right, make
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Portfolio Diversification by Investing in ETFs

Investors often try to optimize their portfolio through diversification. In a nutshell, diversification is a process of allocation of the corpus in a portfolio, across a variety of investments. By doing so, investors tend to limit their risk of exposure to a single asset or asset type. Through strategic and thoughtful diversification, investors can reduce the overall risk associated with their investment portfolio. Benjamin Graham, widely regarded as Warren Buffett's
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Hedging In Gold During A Recession

The global economy is currently under pressure and the impact of Coronavirus pandemic has been widespread and severe. Signals from financial markets and global think-tanks, all seem to point towards a recession. Earlier in the month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that the coronavirus outbreak will drive a "Great Lockdown" that is poised to be the worst recession in nearly a century. In its latest World Economic Outlook report,
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Weekly Market Update: Opening up America, Gilead, Berkshire Hathaway & More!

U.S. market held ground reasonably well in the past week. S&P 500 rose 3.04% during the week to close at 2,874. Dow Jones Industrial Index increased by 2.21%, Nasdaq rallied 6.09% while Russell 2000 was slightly down by 1.41%. Crude Oil plunged by (-21.7%) to close at $18.2. VIX too fell by 8.45% on signs of stabilization. A ray of hope for combatting COVID-19 Before we dive deeper into the
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Say YES to investing in the market … Say NO to timing!

Today let us discuss the importance of staying invested in the market at all times. Human psychology often causes us to be overly bullish or bearish depending on the overall market’s existing trend. As a result, when the prevailing sentiment is optimistic in nature, investors tend to plow in more money into the market and tend to pull out money, often as a fire-sale, when sentiment turns pessimistic. Consistent with
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Bulls vs. Bears – Tussle Continues

The U.S. markets continue to exhibit extreme volatility in the wake of conflicting news concerning the economy and the ongoing developments pertaining to the Coronavirus pandemic. First quarter of the year 2020 (ending on March 31st) saw S&P 500 delivering its worst quarterly return since 2008 - declining by 20%. Though the month of April 2020 has shown signs of recovery with the S&P 500 delivering a positive return of 2.89% so
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Market Updates & The Case for Value Investing

The markets continue to exhibit extreme volatility with large swings as investors try to adjust to The New Normal. The markets have seen unpredictable moves over the past several weeks and are down substantially from the peak levels of February 2020.  The S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are down almost 35% from peak levels and have reversed all gains made after President Donald Trump took office in