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Boeing Faces Turbulence

​ Boeing (NYSE: BA) has started the year on the wrong footing. BA continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the past year, Boeing stock has lost 6.3% of its value. In contrast, its competitor, in a market that is pretty much a duopoly, has gained 45.6%. This divergent performance reflects various negative developments and challenges that Boeing has had to deal with since early 2019. 2019 was already
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Tesla Tops Delivery Forecast, Soars High in 2020

Tesla started 2020 on a high reporting that it has delivered 367,500 vehicles in 2019. This exceeds the forecast of 360,000 deliveries made in October. Wall Street exhibited a renewed optimism in Tesla, in contrast to the damp sentiment of early 2019, driving Tesla's stock to a high of ~ $425 a share. Tesla's stock is up more than 50% from the year before. This impressive run-up is despite the stock
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Netflix – The Best Performing S&P 500 Stock Of Last Decade

Netflix (NFLX) was the best performing stock of the last decade delivering a whopping 4,181% return outperforming all the current members of the S&P. To put things in perspective, the index as a whole returned a respectable but distant return of ~189% over the past 10 years. Netflix currently valued at ~$148 billon, delivered this impressive return within the past 10 years after a rather modest start with a few
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Aramco prepares for World’s Biggest IPO

World’s largest oil firm prepares for IPO On Sunday, Saudi Arabia officially announced that it’s state-owned oil company will have its IPO listing in December. The oil kingdom has been preparing for an IPO since 3 years, but it was delayed several times due to oil price volatility and political uncertainty. This is the biggest change in the firm’s corporate structure ever since it was nationalized in the 1970s. The
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The Rise and Fall of WeWork

Quicktake on WeWork and it's cash flow problems WeWork has been making a lot of negative headlines lately: “WeWork Bonds Fall to new Low” – Wall Street Journal, Oct. 16, 2019 “WeWork expected to layoff 2000 workers as early as this week” – CNBC, Oct. 15, 2019 “WeWork to formally withdraw IPO filing” – FT, Sept. 30, 2019 “WeWork CEO Adam Neuman steps down under pressure” – NYTimes, Sept. 24,
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Apple Overtakes Microsoft in $1 Trillion Race

Quick take on AAPL The race for $1 trillion in market capitalization continues between Apple and Microsoft. Last Friday, Apple overtook Microsoft in the market cap race, achieving $1.068 trillion vs. Microsoft’s $1.049 trillion. It was the first time since April 25th, 2019 that Apple overtook Microsoft to become the largest firm in the S&P 500 based on market capitalization. On Monday, the brokerage firm Raymond James raised the firm’s