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Post Election Calls for a Volatile Week

US equity markets witnessed a volatile week following swings between optimism and worries about the coronavirus, easing political uncertainty and corporate earnings. While Pfizer Inc said its experimental COVID-19 vaccine in a Phase 3 trial showed more than 90 percent effectiveness, President-elect Joe Biden sealed his lead over incumbent President Donald Trump in the election. The reduced uncertainty helped S&P clock its best post-election weekly show in at least four decades.
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Stocks Finish Best Week Since April

All eyes were on the U.S. Presidential elections as Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in a closely fought election. Traders pressed for further gains as the markets registered the best week in several months. The rising coronavirus cases – four consecutive days of new highs – is increasingly concerning the country. President-elect Biden is expected to announce new steps to address this challenge. Top Stories This Week Biden promises change
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Markets Prepare for Election Week

It was a tough week for traders on Wall Street as tech stocks led the slide. As earnings season ended, all eyes are now on the results of the U.S. Presidential elections. With the results season behind them, voters will be mindful of the recent spike in the number of fresh coronavirus cases with several states reporting a new record high. A good holiday season ahead with consumers loosening their
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Wall Street takes a Pause, Looks for Signals from Stalled Stimulus Talks

Traders on Wall Street, expecting a stimulus over the last few weeks, were disappointed again as there was no clarity whether a deal could be sealed before the Presidential election on November 3. Last week saw tech stocks dragged down after Intel’s numbers were announced while the Department of Justice moved ahead with its biggest case since the one it filed against Microsoft two decades ago. Top Stories this Week
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Stimulus Setback and Pandemic Factors Weigh in Heavily on Wall Street

Markets meandered through the middle of the earnings season as September retail sales gave it the confidence that America's economic engine – spending by its consumers – was intact. The IPO market continues to be hot with a slew of mortgage companies looking to tap the market at a time when housing demand is looking strong. Too many outside factors – looming Presidential elections, rising coronavirus cases, and others -
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Stimulus Hopes Drive Wall Street Rally

Traders kept one eye on the Congress this week as they hoped for a deal on the size of the stimulus package. IBM’s decision to split into two companies sent its shares higher up as it pushed for cloud business. ExxonMobil lost its position as the biggest U.S. oil company as the nature of the energy business is undergoing change. Top stories this week  Stimulus hopes drive weekly gains for
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Weekly Market Update: Opening up America, Gilead, Berkshire Hathaway & More!

U.S. market held ground reasonably well in the past week. S&P 500 rose 3.04% during the week to close at 2,874. Dow Jones Industrial Index increased by 2.21%, Nasdaq rallied 6.09% while Russell 2000 was slightly down by 1.41%. Crude Oil plunged by (-21.7%) to close at $18.2. VIX too fell by 8.45% on signs of stabilization. A ray of hope for combatting COVID-19 Before we dive deeper into the
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Say YES to investing in the market … Say NO to timing!

Today let us discuss the importance of staying invested in the market at all times. Human psychology often causes us to be overly bullish or bearish depending on the overall market’s existing trend. As a result, when the prevailing sentiment is optimistic in nature, investors tend to plow in more money into the market and tend to pull out money, often as a fire-sale, when sentiment turns pessimistic. Consistent with
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Market Updates & The Case for Value Investing

The markets continue to exhibit extreme volatility with large swings as investors try to adjust to The New Normal. The markets have seen unpredictable moves over the past several weeks and are down substantially from the peak levels of February 2020.  The S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are down almost 35% from peak levels and have reversed all gains made after President Donald Trump took office in
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Tesla Tops Delivery Forecast, Soars High in 2020

Tesla started 2020 on a high reporting that it has delivered 367,500 vehicles in 2019. This exceeds the forecast of 360,000 deliveries made in October. Wall Street exhibited a renewed optimism in Tesla, in contrast to the damp sentiment of early 2019, driving Tesla's stock to a high of ~ $425 a share. Tesla's stock is up more than 50% from the year before. This impressive run-up is despite the stock