Investing Trends

The Other FinTech Business!

Money is pouring into fintech. In 2014, global investment in financial technology startups spiked to USD 12 Billion. That’s three times what it was just a year prior, according to Accenture. There have also been some huge funding wins this year  as well. Those are big, headline-grabbing numbers. But only using funding as a benchmark can mean focusing too heavily on consumer fintech – and ignoring another large fintech opportunity.

Learnings from Sports, Applied to Stock Investing

While most writers will give you correlations (or lack thereof) between betting in sports and "betting" on stocks, this writer wishes to explore are different relationship between sports and stocks. This post is to share the similarities between sports persons' training/winning methods and good stock investors' methods. Why? Because we, constantly, get inspired by sports and sports icons just as we get awestruck by the likes Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn!

Are you a Day Trader? Or a Swing Trader?

While day trading and swing trading both follow a short-term trading strategy and look for short-term profits, looking at price fluctuations. However, there are some key differences between the two types of traders, acknowledging which, should help us understand trading better and be better traders ourselves! 1. Number of trades per day: This one is obvious - if you’re a Day Trader, you will need to be making at least one trade every day!