YELP – Yelp Inc is an online platform which connects people with various businesses in the United States. It provides access to customer reviews, ratings etc, and makes it easier to choose services for the potential customer.

YELP – Yelp Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 21.51
Day’s high 21.81
Day’s low 20.77
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.44


Analyst opinion Yesterday, Greenlight Capital’s fund manager David Einhorn told investors that he made new investments in Yelp, and that it could double its revenue by 2019. Despite the concerns that it faces huge competition from internet giants, Google, Facebook etc, Yelp has continuously managed to grow revenues. However, it has had to resort to massive spending due to high competition. Yelp also has been acquiring delivery services to integrate into its platform, and may provide positive investor value.
Sentiments Investor sentiments are bullish due to the news of Einhorn’s investment in Yelp.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 77% higher social chatter than usual.

PFE – Pfizer, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company operating worldwide. Its portfolio includes medicines, vaccines and medical devices, as well as consumer healthcare products.

PFE – Pfizer, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 32.80
Day’s high 33.00
Day’s low 32.50
P/E ratio 29.50
EPS 1.11


Analysts opinion Pfizer crushed analyst’s revenue estimates, reported a $13.01 billion revenue, up 19.7%. The sales were boosted due to its new treatments for cancer and acquisition of Hospira. PFE earned $0.67 per share. In its 2016 guidance, the company said it upgraded its expectations of revenue between $51 billion to $ 53 Billion. The stock has an ROE of 14.1% and a target price of $37.90. It also has a cash of $20.66 Billion.
Pfizer has grown by M&As, and with the recent news of a failed merger with Allergan, the stock price of PFE had plummeted. However, PFE has good diversification in its product segments, it operates in Pharma, Vaccines, Consumer healthcare etc. Pfizer also has 30 drugs in Phase 3 and 18 in phase 2 trials. Pfizer, according to analysts is looking out for opportunities for M&A. Medivation Inc may be a good buy for PFE.
Sentiments Sentiments are positive for PFE, which is up 2% pre-market today. Sentiment index is 50% on the positive side on Stockal proprietary app, which suggests a further price rise.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 97% higher chatter than usual.

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