OUTR – Outerwall Inc. is a provider of automated retail solutions. It operates in the entertainment, money, and retail sectors.

OUTR- Outerwall, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 34.39
Day’s high 34.43
Day’s low  32.29
P/E ratio 12.81
EPS 2.84


Analysts opinion Analysts have upgraded their ratings of OUTR. The stock has a current PEG ratio of 1.26. A number of Large investors have raised their stake in OUTR in the last quarter. HL Financial Services LLC, Capital Fund Management S.A., California Public Employees Retirement System, California Public Employees Retirement System etc have all raised their stake in OUTR.
Sentiments Engineers Gate Manager LP raised its position by 578.1% and now holds 97,866 shares. Due to the news, the stock traded ~3% higher pre market today, and the investor sentiment seem bullish for the stock.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.


INGN – Inogen, Inc. is a technology company which operates in developing oxygen concentrators for patients with respiratory conditions. It traded 4% higher pre-market.

INGN – Inogen, Inc.

Fundamentals Previously closed at 35.34
Day’s high 35.82
Day’s low 33.00
P/E ratio 92.56
EPS 0.45


Analyst opinion INGN announced a better than expected earnings results for Q4 and 2015. It reported an EPS of 0.19 for Q4, beating analyst estimates. A number of analysts have rated the stock a ‘strong buy’ with a consensus target price of $52.80.
Sentiments Due to positive earnings reports, investor sentiments are bullish for the stock.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% Higher social chatter than usual.

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