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Tesla Tops Delivery Forecast, Soars High in 2020

Tesla started 2020 on a high reporting that it has delivered 367,500 vehicles in 2019. This exceeds the forecast of 360,000 deliveries made in October. Wall Street exhibited a renewed optimism in Tesla, in contrast to the damp sentiment of early 2019, driving Tesla's stock to a high of ~ $425 a share. Tesla's stock is up more than 50% from the year before. This impressive run-up is despite the stock
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Netflix – The Best Performing S&P 500 Stock Of Last Decade

Netflix (NFLX) was the best performing stock of the last decade delivering a whopping 4,181% return outperforming all the current members of the S&P. To put things in perspective, the index as a whole returned a respectable but distant return of ~189% over the past 10 years. Netflix currently valued at ~$148 billon, delivered this impressive return within the past 10 years after a rather modest start with a few