Nvidia, the company and the stock (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been a subject of a lot of discussions over the last few months. The computing space has undergone unparalleled evolution over the last few months and established as well as upcoming companies have seen tremendous investor interest. Obviously therefore, the company has seen a lot of competition as well.

Off-late the stock has swung between $102 and $96 or thereabouts. Interestingly analyst opinion for the stock has also been up-and-down in the same time period.  As you would see, the below chart shows how the Confidence Meter went up from 60% to 64% and fell again to 59%. Confidence Meter is a weighted consensus of the opinion of multiple analysts for NVDA – based on reputation of each analyst involved.

It’s evident that the stock continued to grow as the Confidence Meter went up to 64% and sharply fell shortly after the Confidence Meter went down to 59%. Interestingly though, the Confidence Meter has subsequently gone back up to 67%. Could there be positive price action? Must watch! Especially since the Weighted Avg Target Price is also $104.17.

The other supporting signal that NVDA gets is from Social Sentiment. This is sentiment derived from News and Social Conversations (Twitter, StockTwits etc) about the stock. NVDA has enjoyed, by and large, positive sentiment over the last couple of months. Fewer troughs than crests. And a couple of significant positive spikes – as seen in the chart below.

The one negative signal though is the Revenue Prediction as it currently stands. With an earnings announcement scheduled for May 9, it will be interesting to see if the predicted revenue changes at all. As you can see, the actual revenue has beaten the predicted revenue more often than not (while closely following the trend) – one would do well to wait and watch!

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