Frontline is a shipping company which engages in the ownership and operation of oil tankers. With the advent of oversupply of oil around the globe, and oil prices hitting rock bottom, analysts expect oil tankers’ prices to increase.

FRO – Frontline Ltd
Fundamentals Previously closed at 8.19
Day’s high 8.5
Day’s low 7.93
P/E ratio 11.26
EPS 0.73


Analyst opinion Frontline has a 52-week high of 85.25 and sound fundamentals compared to most of its competitors.
Sentiments FRO has sound fundamentals with a PEG ratio of 0.99, P/S of 2.58, P/B of 1.41 and Quick ratio and current ratios at 1.40. The only concerns would be its Debt-Equity ratio which is at 2.41.
With many Analysts giving a recent rating of “Buy” and zero “Sell” ratings, the sentiment for the stock remains positive.
While the Crude oil prices continue to fall, huge oil production requires oil tankers which act as inventories. Analysts believe the sentiment for the stock will rise.
Social pulse The social media pulse is 4% lower than normal.

National American University Holdings, Inc, a provider of post secondary education primarily focused on the needs of working adults and other non-traditional students (NAUH) saw a plunge in its share price after it saw an insider selling by Roueche John E, President of Roueche Grad Ctr. According to analysts, the shares are currently undervalued.

NAUH – National American University Holdings, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 1.78
Day’s high 1.76
Day’s low 2.06
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.03


Analysts opinion At current price levels there seems to be a support trendline, due to which chartists believe the prices will go up.
Sentiments Apart from the negative EPS, most other major fundamental indicators seem positive, with a P/S of 0.40, P/B of 0.98, and a P/C of 1.64. The quick and current ratio is at 3.70, and the firm has a meagre Debt to Equity ratio of 0.26
The stocks saw a steep fall in the prices post a sell off by insider Roueche John E.
Social pulse Social media pulse is 100% higher than normal with a lot of social chatter.

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