Do you find it daunting to invest in a new market? Is it important for you to read an elaborate analysis of the security you choose to invest in, before you make the final call? Do you find it difficult to gather all the necessary information and readings for the stocks and ETFs you want to invest in? Do you feel unsure about your investment before you choose to make the final “BUY” (or “SELL”)?

At Stockal, we have constantly strived to make international investing easy and seamless. We launched Stockal for investors in India in late 2019 and for our investors in MENA in mid-2020. Since then, thousands of investors have transacted hundreds of millions of Dollars on the platform. But one of the areas that remained unsolved in these, our initial days, has been investment research and expert recommendations.

The U.S. markets remain “unfamiliar” no more!

Stockal has a great solution for you!

With our collaboration with TipRanks, premium investors can now view real time expert ratings, analyst recommendations, and strong buy or sell moves for any U.S. stock listed on our platform!

Features Offered

TipRanks offers investors a plethora of powerful tools that provide extensive research for the stock you are interested in. It helps you ideate better, research deeper, and manage your portfolio more efficiently. 

This comprehensive tool aggregates ratings and analyst recommendations made on stocks and helps track both the performance of analysts and experts who publish recommendations. The platform will also track returns made by top hedge funds and corporate insiders. 

This data can be used to draw insights on investor holdings, and will also offer simplified graphics to understand the potential of the stock you’re researching.

Research Analysis by TipRanks

Stockal has partnered with TipRanks for offering this research product. TipRanks aggregates stock ratings given by analysts in the last 3 months to determine the overall consensus, ranging from Strong Sell to Strong Buy. Their average 12-month target price is displayed along with the potential upside/downside from the current market value, demonstrated by a graph that extrapolates the high, low and median stock price estimates for the next 12 months. 

Analysts are rated on the basis of their success rate at making recommendations, average returns from all recommendations and the statistical significance of their results.

Find the analyst’s name, firm, and rank next to the rating details. Users can also discover the rationale behind any recommendation next to each analyst’s ratings, by clicking on “Read article”.

Analyst Ratings 

A comprehensive scorecard is created for analysts, allowing investors to view the potential gains from each analyst’s history. After viewing  the name, firm, and sector of the analyst, along with the analyst’s success rate and average returns, the user can make a well-informed decision about investing in the stock of their choosing. 

At Stockal, we value your money, and want you to have access to all the possible tools that can help you make the most of your earnings. Our collaboration with TipRanks is a first of its kind for our Indian users, as we strive to ensure our investors have access to quality decision making.

So what are you waiting for? Become a GOLD  MEMBER with Stockal if you haven’t already, and start investing using TipRanks!

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