AMZN – Inc is a global E-Retailer.

AMZN – Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 717.93
Day’s high 722.45
Day’s low  711.51
P/E ratio 295.93
EPS 2.43


Analysts opinion This has been a bad week for retailers, while E-retailing has been booming. Consumer spending trends have not changed much, so this shows that people have just shifted to an online shopping experience. While retailers have just begun to offer their businesses online, the already established e-retail giant, Amazon has bullish sentiments from analysts. Analyst Confidence Meter, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal, reads an 80% “buy”.
Donald Trump, said that Jeff Bezos, who is owner of Amazon and founder of Washington Post, is using his newspaper to avoid taxes by Amazon. Due to this news, there may be negative sentiments, however, in the long run, analysts believe the stock is bullish.
Sentiments The Sentiment Index, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal, reads a 100% positive sentiments.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 2% lower social media chatter than usual.

AAPL – Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players, and a variety of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications.

AAPL – Apple Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 90.34
Day’s high 92.78
Day’s low 89.47
P/E ratio 10.08
EPS 8.99


Analyst opinion After posting a lower than expected revenues, AAPL has plunged to 90’s. It briefly traded at a little lower than $90 yesterday. The reason for investor sell off being decline in sales and Chinese Market. However, analysts believe that the valuations for the stock are at a historical low, making it a relatively good buy. Also, technically, the RSI is below 30, and the stock has been trading at the support level of $90 for some time. Confidence meter is 75% positive on Stockal proprietary algorithm.
Sentiments Apple has invested $1Billion in Didi, a chinese cab service company along with Tencent and Alibaba. The sentiment index is 103.38% positive on Stockal proprietary algorithm.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 22% lower social chatter than usual.

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