Technical analysts analyse tons of data regarding the stock market to create their reviews and predictions. To ensure that their tedious task doesn’t create inconsistencies in their conclusions, various technical analysis software are available in the market that automate the charting, analysis and reporting functions. These applications provide a wide range of analysis, research and trade tools. Following are the few of the most widely recognized trading software based on their features.

eSignal:  It is one of the popular stock trading research tool due to its friendly user interface. It has 20+ exclusive indicators including highly powerful Elliot wave. eSignal’s trade management interface covering new and fundamental figures  gives it a positive review from critics all around the globe. It also provides features like backtesting and alerts.

EquityFeed Workstation: This software is highlighted due its stock hunting tool named “Filter Builder”- which allows traders to scan and select stocks as per their requirements. It covers OTC and PinkSheet markets as well. However, it has a very limited technical indicator set and no backtesting. Nevertheless it has many product specific screeners like ETFView and SectorView,  which might intrigue users looking for specific information.

ProfitSource Platform: It is a perfect solution for short term traders looking for optimize entry and exits. It has more than 40+ automated complex technical indicators like Elliot Wave Analysis and backtesting functionality to give it a competitive advantage over rivals. Its coverage ranges across various assets like fore, options, funds, future and equity around the globe.

MetaStock Traders: It is one the most popular trading applications. It is a charting tool that allows investor to take the guess work out of equation and offering a systematic approach to the trading system. It has global coverage including various assets, fundamental data with filtering and screening criteria as well as integrated news as some of the special features.

INO’s MarketClub: It is best for users looking specifically for charting tools. It boasts of the ability to predict exact entrance and exit points for over 32000 different markets. It also offers various indicators, quantitative analysis tools and filtering functionality with a built in trading and charting system.
There are numerous application with varied uses and applications. Users shouldn’t select the software based only on the number of options it provides rather consider applications that have options specific to their requirements to save both time as well as money.

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