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Sentiments tracked for EBay and SanDisk

EBAY – Ebay, Inc , an eCommerce facilitator, has a bright future according to analysts. It may not be growing as rapidly compared to Amazon or Paypal, but it has a unique and profitable business model.

EBAY – Ebay, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 24.24
Day’s high 24.29
Day’s low 23.92
P/E ratio 15.16
EPS 1.6


Analyst opinion Ebay has a forward P/E ratio of 11.80, lower than the average company in the S&P index at 17. With its P/S at 3.33, P/B at 4.38, P/C at 4.68 and quick ratio at 3.50, it has incredible fundamentals.
Sentiments Ebay makes a commission for every transaction on its platform, and doesn’t face any inventory risk. Compared to Amazon, which thrives for growth and to capture marketshare by giving huge discounts and smaller profits – Ebay seems a better choice for investors according to analysts. The sentiments may be bullish in the long run.
Many brokers have now given a “Buy”rating for Ebay.
Revenue Prediction The revenue for Q4 2015 is $2322 million

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