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The Relationship Between Wendy’s Price And Analyst Sentiment Shown In One Chart

As posted on Benzinga on 18th September 2016. Find the original article here.

Wendy’s Co has spent nearly all of the past year trading between $8.50 and $11. In that time the company has appointed a new CEO, weathered a credit card security breach, and launched the successful “4 for $4” promotion.

The following chart, courtesy of Stockal, shows how sell-side analyst sentiment on the company compares with the stock’s price. The price is shown in orange with the scale on the left side, while the analyst sentiment is measured via Stockal’s Confidence Meter on the right, a gauge of sentiment from over 200 Wall Street analysts.

Notable ratings changes include RBC, who upgraded the fast food chain to Outperform in November only to downgrade it to Sector Perform in August, and Goldman Sachs, who added the company to its Conviction Buy list in April before removing it in August. Currently, Goldman, Suntrust Robinson, Longbow Research and Barclays have Buy ratings on the company, while UBS holds a Sell rating.

Currently, the Confidence Meter is 78 percent bullish.

Increases in the Confidence Meter are indicated by the blue arrows.


Disney and Wendy’s look like good entry points today

DIS –  Disney is a global media and entertainment company.

DIS – The Walt Disney Company

Fundamentals Previously closed at 106.60
Day’s high 106.75
Day’s low 105.45
P/E ratio 19.09
EPS 5.35


Analysts opinion Disney reported its Q2 earnings after market close yesterday. It posted its first earnings miss in a year at $1.36 per share, versus wall street expectations of $1.40. Revenues also missed, at $12.97 Billion, while the expectation was $13.19 Billion. However, the much talked about ESPN has seen an improvement in the quarter. The ESPN and cable business makes up to around 50% of the company’s net income, while the studio business constitutes roughly the other half. Though for DIS, investors are on a selling spree, on the long run, Disney remains a great investment. Analyst confidence meter, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal gives a 69% buy rating
Technically, Disney hit the RSI level of 70 yesterday, before bouncing down. There is also a bearish cross over of the 12 and 26 day MACD suggesting a further decline.
Sentiments Sentiments for the stock are bearish. The Sentiment Index, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal, reads a 136.37% negative sentiments for DIS
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% higher social media chatter than usual.

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