Music Stocks Strike the Right Chord with Investors

Music stocks in the United States, including those offering streaming services, were buzzing all through the pandemic year of 2020 on the back of windfall gains from higher subscriptions and ad revenues, among others.  Stay-at-home customers downloaded and paid their due for using more of such apps, and businesses rushed to advertise on such platforms to cash in on their popularity and reach. Stockholders of these companies were rewarded with

Are retail stocks set to regain their mojo in 2021?

Retailers in the United States, especially those from the brick and mortar segment, witnessed a tough 2020, laden with massive losses, job cuts, and a plunge in consumer spending. Businesses were either forced to shut shops or file for bankruptcies. According to S&P Global, there were more than three dozen retail bankruptcies in 2020 — a 11-year high, while Coresight Research pegs retail store closures at more than 8,400. The numbers

2020 – The Stocks In Shining Armor!

2020 has been a year of ups and downs. The year, too many, felt like a repeat telecast of The Great Recession. Trade experts even opined that the past 12 months reminded them of the Dot Com Bubble from years ago. There were job losses, pay cuts, businesses shutting down, and companies suffering losses. It was truly a chaotic year for businesses and investors alike. The faith of investors remained unbridled even