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Ulta Salon and J2 Global may have positive investor sentiments today.

ULTA – Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc is a beauty retailer, which provides more than 20000 prestige and mass beauty products. ULTA share price had risen 13% in the after hour session yesterday, and continues to rise Pre-Market today.

ULTA – Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 163.39
Day’s high 164.60
Day’s low  158.50
P/E ratio 35.13
EPS 4.65


Analysts opinion Yesterday, ULTA reported an EPS of $1.69 per share on revenues of $1.27 Billion. It marked a YoY revenue increase of 21%. It had 15 Buy ratings from brokers with a buy score of 2.70 and a consensus price target of $184.82. Currently, since the company has outperformed, the target price would increase.
Sentiments Needless to say, the investor sentiments have been hugely positive for the stock. The stock rose 13% in value overnight and investor sentiment is bullish.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.

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Positive revenue reports – While Dollar General Corp surged, Canadian Solar plunged pre-market

DG – Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer which offers a wide range of consumer, packaged food, seasonal products etc, with a total of 12,483 stores currently operating in the U.S. The stock was up 4.56% in the after hour trading and may be bullish today.

DG – Dollar General Corporation

Fundamentals Previously closed at 75.17
Day’s high 75.33
Day’s low 74.38
P/E ratio 19.66
EPS 3.82


Analysts opinion The company reported their Q4 results today, which crushed the market expectations. Net sales for Full Year increased 7.7%, Q4 sales increased 7%, 13% EPS growth, Fiscal EPS of $3.96 and a $1 Billion Repurchase program. This stock may be bullish.
Sentiments During the revenue announcements today, DG also announced its long-term outlook. It plans to open 900 new stores by the end of 2017.
Social Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.

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Understanding Trend Trading

Successful traders likely have been familiar with the importance of trends in trading since a group of merchants gathered under a buttonwood tree in New York to trade stocks. Trend trading not only represents the potential for a big move and profit, but also the path of least resistance for price as an established trend is likely to continue.

Newton’s First Law of Physics states, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” This is the compelling basis for trading trends as they are likely to continue unless acted upon by an outside force (such as disappointing earnings, a market panic, geopolitical events, etc.), and it’s the reason why some trends stay in place for years.

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Student? Looking to Invest in Stocks? Read on …

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Off-late, we have been getting many questions from young folks (especially students) on whether they should invest in stocks and how they can make informed calls as they go about doing it. With the presence of apps like Robinhood and stock diversification mechanisms such as Motif Investing it has become exponentially easier to invest in stock markets than it ever was. And we believe this is a good thing. Investing could give you extra cash in the short run so it’s obviously useful. But more importantly, it teaches you discipline, forces you to keep track of your finances and broadens your horizons.

Successful investing is a long-term game. Fortunes are rarely, if ever, made “overnight”. Most successful investors will tell you about how they had several good and several bad investments over time and how their good investments outnumbered their bad ones to give them nice returns. So in essence, one has to invest often and invest actively to get to their ROI targets. This, of course, does not hold for passive investors who put their money in tax saving investments for the sake of “saving money” and not for “making money” from the markets.

In this context, as a student interested in stock investing, you are at just the right age since you have enough time to make more good than bad investment decisions. But, your path is also paved with many pitfalls and risks that can be avoided by being extra careful and knowledgeable about what to do. Here are a few quick thoughts that could help you make fewer mistakes and hit some homeruns as you go about investing actively. Do take it with a pinch of salt and feel free to add more points in the comments section, based on your personal experience if you have any.

Start early

It’s great that you’re interested. Don’t let your interest linger for a few years. Do your research and start investing early. More time on your hands will mean more potential for growth and longer-lasting appetite for investing. Considering that interest earned gets compounded over time, even a small investment will go a long way into giving you hefty returns.


This cannot be stressed enough. Today, you have research tools in your hands that just didn’t exist a few years ago. From reading organized media research and opinion – WSJ, MorningStar, Benzinga et al – to surfing through StockTwits, Twitter, Estimize and SeekingAlpha you can understand your stocks really well. Thousands of traders and analysts are talking on these networks, you just have to develop a mechanism to filter out the noise – which you will if you keep observing for a couple of months.


Investing is turning social. While there have been concerns in the past about people sharing information for the sake of their vested interests only, gradually investing as a lifestyle has managed to turn social – much like everything else in life. You do have to be extra careful not to get influenced by malicious elements (‘coz there are some) but you can avoid that by broadening your “follwings” and listening to more people than less.
Also, once you identify some genuinely good investors it’s good to discuss, build a rapport and share. Much can be learned in the process. As you develop your optimal investing strategies, share with peers to fine-tune them and get more out.

Accounting Discipline

Keep a tight leash on your finances. This is not to say that you should spend carefully. This just means that if you keep track of your moneies, you will know exactly how much or how little to put in your next investment. Active investing entails several small to large investments, so unless you’re super-rich already it’s imperative that you know your incoming and outgoing very well. If you are super-rich you still have to track, though, just that your byte sizes will be bigger!

Avoid margin trading

One deterrent for margin trading is, anyway, that small ticket investors find it difficult to get-in so that you should keep you protected. But in general, as a student you want investing to fun and rewarding and not burdensome. Taking on debt is never a good idea unless you are very experienced and sure of your methods.


So, there you go. Didn’t realize this will turn out to be a “5 points for X” post! Feel free to reach out to us at research@stockal.com or drop a note in comments in case you want to discuss investing.