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Does this crash make a case for variable Margin Lending rates?

There have been umpteen opinions on how margin trading can make or break people’s trading careers. While for some traders (typically with deep pockets), margin trading is a way of life, trading on margin has also been suicidal for many an amateur trader. The China stock market crash was the latest example of what over-leveraged margin trading can lead to – what with “grandmas, cab drivers, college kids using mobile apps for margin trading”!

As far as our US markets are concerned, a quick look through most brokers’ margin account rates reveals that everyone offers lending rate slabs basis the size of account you hold with them. No surprisingly, Continue Reading…

Mental Fitness Tips For Stock Traders

You guessed it right, this is a “Zen” piece. Good and bad trades don’t happen. The good¬†ones are found and cultivated. The Bad ones … well, you see success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day (Jim Rohn).

Up to 75-80% of traders are, generally, make more losses than profits. With such low success rates, stock trading might be among the more risky professions around. But, the 20%+ that do make money consistently, seem to follow the same mental chain of thoughts and we thought it might be interesting to illustrate some of those thoughts here for the benefits of our readers. So here goes:

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