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Bullish sentiments for Walmart and Tesaro Inc

WMT– Walmart Stores, Inc operates various retail stores worldwide.

WMT – Walmart Stores, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 71.51
Day’s high 71.87
Day’s low 70.67
P/E ratio 15.90
EPS 4.52


Analysts opinion Walmart and JD.com have signed a joint filing agreement, with the idea of offering improved services in the Chinese market by combining retail and e-commerce. WMT is trading above both its 50-day moving averages of 69.84 and its 200-day moving averages of 66.80.  Analyst confidence meter, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal gives 61% buy based on analyst ratings.
Sentiments The sentiment index is 50 % negative according to Stockal proprietary algorithm.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 74% higher social media chatter than usual.

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