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3 stocks to watch this week

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) As expected, the stock broke the downtrend line on daily chart confirmed by Fridays candle on volume above average. Price had been in consolidation for nearly five weeks after a fantastic performance in February. Friday's move initiated new momentum, which will probably test the 52-week high in the 15.55 area. My long term bias remains bullish. MacroGenics Inc (NASDAQ:MGNX) price needs to break the large
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Marinus Pharmaceuticals stock broke the ascending triangle formation last week

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:MRNS) after a big price and volume surge in January of this year, the stock has gone sideways and consolidated in the 1.19-1.50 trading range, forming an ascending triangle pattern. On Thursday, it finally broke the upper line of this bullish pattern on the heaviest volume in the last few weeks. This is a good sign for a continuation of the trend and I'm looking for a
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Antonio’s Perspective: Technical Analysis of Wynn Resorts

Shares of Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN) gained $2.62 or 2.65%, despite Friday's market selloff, to close at $98.41 on solid volume. The stock has recovered nicely in the last few sessions since the recent low of 88.50 made in late August and has provided several meaningful signs of strength, by bouncing of its trendline support area around the 200EMA and then breaking above the 50EMA. (more…)
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Sprint Corp. Stock – Technical Analysis

This is a guest post by  António Costa, acclaimed trader and the popular author of AC Investor Blog Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) after a big price and volume surge in mid-July, has gone sideways and consolidated in a rectangle pattern in the 5.85-6.32 trading range. On Friday, the stock finally broke the top line of the trading range on decent volume and I expect more upside pressure in the coming days.
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What is Swing Trading

Swing trading is an investment technique where the asset is held for anywhere between a day to a few weeks with the idea of making profit from fluctuating prices or 'swings'. Investors are not interested in intrinsic value of the stock but rather focus on price momentum. The stock hold time usually lies between the two extreme ends - day trading, where asset is held for a day and trend
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5 Popular Technical Analysis Software For Traders

Technical analysts analyse tons of data regarding the stock market to create their reviews and predictions. To ensure that their tedious task doesn’t create inconsistencies in their conclusions, various technical analysis software are available in the market that automate the charting, analysis and reporting functions. These applications provide a wide range of analysis, research and trade tools. Following are the few of the most widely recognized trading software based on
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Introduction to Stock Market Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a methodological approach to forecast the direction or the trend of price movements in the stock market by analyzing all available historical data on prices and volumes. The technique basically considers supply and demand forces to predict the future outcome. The methodology does not take in to account the intrinsic value of the stock, whether it is overvalued or undervalued, rather technical analysis is based on the
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What is A Bear Market?

“The basic reason that the market is down has not changed. We are in a bear market, stocks are overpriced and the earnings are not very good.” – Mike Farrel Bear market is a reference term used for stock market, during which stock price consistently fall. The decreasing prices encourages selling of stocks by the investors. As more and more investors want to sell their stock, supply increases while demand
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What is A Bull Market?

“It is a classic indicator of a bull market when stocks don’t go down even on bad news.” – Elvis Picardo During this period, market is rising, NASDAQ goes up, investors are positive, economy is strong, inflation is under control, unemployment is low and the market is strongly on the buy side. These trends drive optimism and hopes of making some quick money for the investors. Most of the investors
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How To Identify The Most Suitable Companies To Invest In

Getting into a trade is perhaps the toughest part about investing because of the level of research it takes. You get tips and suggestions from so many people, coming from so many directions that it's difficult not to get utterly confused. And if you are an amateur at finance, there are dozens of "technical-sounding" terms about stocks that are not easy to wrap your head around. There's TV news coming