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Exelon Corporation – Bullish consolidation

Exelon Corporation (NYSE:EXC) after a big price and volume surge in December, the stock has gone sideways and consolidated in the 35-36.3 trading range. Yesterday, it closed just slightly below its the upper line of the consolidation range, which if broken could accelerate the price toward its August highs around the 37 area.

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Positive sentiments for Bluebird Bio and VMWare

BLUE – Bluebird Bio Inc is focused on developing and commercializing drugs based on gene therapy to treat patients with genetic diseases and cancer.

BLUE – Bluebird Bio Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 47.72
Day’s high 51.46
Day’s low 47.61
P/E ratio NA
EPS -2.44


Analysts opinion Bluebird Bio announced that its ongoing phase 2 study evaluating the product candidate “Lenti-D” for the treatment of cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy (CALD) will be presented today at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting. The news for the investigational drug Lenti- D seems to be positive, with all patients remaining free of MFDs, and consistent safety-profile. The revenues for the stock is expected to be reported on May 4th, and analysts estimate EPS at $-1.19. Technically, bluebird has formed a double-bottom chart pattern, and is expected to be bullish.
Sentiments Also, Deutsche Bank AG and Bank of America Corp DE have boosted their stakes in BLUE and investor sentiment seems to be bullish.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% higher chatter than usual.


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Bullish sentiments for Ardelyx, Inc and Target Corporation

ARDX– Ardelyx, Inc is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company which develops therapeutic drugs for the treatment of Gastro-Intestinal and Cardio – Renal diseases. ARDX was given a “Buy”rating from Ladenburg Thalmann, and may be bullish today.

ARDX – Ardelyx, Inc.

Fundamentals Previously closed at 7.77
Day’s high 8.02
Day’s low 7.41
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.76


Analysts opinion Out of the 4 wall street analysts covering the stock, all 4 have given this stock a “Strong Buy” rating. For the most recent quarter, Ardelyx reported a surprise factor of 12.16%. The Analyst consensus price target for the stock is $19.
Anapanor, Ardelyx’s lead investigational drug expected to cure IBS-C (Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation) is currently under Phase 3 clinical studies. According to study, there are approx. 4.4 million Americans, 6.6 million Europeans, and 3.4 Japanese suffering from IBS-C- a huge potential market for Anapanor.
Sentiments One of Ardelyx’s Director Gordon Ringold purchased 15,000 shares of the firm at $7.64 – $7.86 per share. This may cause further bullish investor sentiments
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% lower chatter than usual.

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