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Are You Saving or Investing?

Two quick questions to make note of before reading further: 1. How old are you? 2. How much are you looking to put in the markets? Based on your responses above, you might want to think about your money in the following ways - “If I lose this money today, can i make it back?”, “Is this money meant for a later purchase a few years down the line?” (more…)
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About Generating The Best Investing Ideas

Picking the right stocks is at the core of being a successful investor. With over 10,000 stocks listed on US exchanges alone, there’s always a chance you might be missing opportunities ‘coz you’re not looking hard enough. Different investors have different approaches to identifying stocks, but the best investors have a streamlined workflow and they value their workflow more than the stocks they invest in. Seasoned investors have the ability
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What are Aggressive Growth Funds

A mutual fund which aims for the highest capital gains and is not risk-averse in its selection of investments. Aggressive growth funds are most suitable for investors willing to accept a high risk-return trade-off, since many of the companies which demonstrate high growth potential can also show a lot of share price volatility. Aggressive growth funds tend to have a very large positive correlation with the stock market, and so
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Bullish sentiments for Walmart and Tesaro Inc

WMT– Walmart Stores, Inc operates various retail stores worldwide. WMT – Walmart Stores, Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 71.51 Day's high 71.87 Day's low 70.67 P/E ratio 15.90 EPS 4.52   Analysts opinion Walmart and have signed a joint filing agreement, with the idea of offering improved services in the Chinese market by combining retail and e-commerce. WMT is trading above both its 50-day moving averages of 69.84 and
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General Electric has bullish sentiments today

GE – General Electric is a multinational conglomerate corporation, operating in Energy management, Oil and Gas, Appliances, Power and Water, Transportation, Aviation, Healthcare industries. GE – General Electric Fundamentals Previously closed at 29.83 Day's high 30.13 Day's low 29.79 P/E ratio 41.25 EPS 0.74   Analysts opinion GE issued a study which says that the Industrial Internet solutions have the potential to contribute $1.7 trillion value by 2025. It opened a new
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Bearish sentiments for Twitter and FuelCell Energy

TWTR– Twitter Inc is a popular global Social Media platform. TWTR– Twitter, Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 89.65 Day's high 15.45 Day's low 15.18 P/E ratio NA EPS -0.66   Analysts opinion Yet another management executive, Jeff Seibert leaves the role of Product Development head to take on twitter’s new mobile app, Fabric. Recently, Twitter has seen a lot of new executives. Analyst from SunTrust Robinson Humphrey said that if
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Lowe’s and Tesla bullish due to positive news sentiments

LOW– Lowe’s Companies, inc is a home improvement retailer.  It offers products for home maintenance, repair, remodeling, and decorating. LOW – Lowe’s Companies, Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 77.00 Day's high 76.66 Day's low 75.56 P/E ratio 27.86 EPS 2.73   Analysts opinion Lowe’s announced a 31.4% spike in the net earnings for Q1. It reported earnings of $884 Million, EPS jumped 40% YoY to $0.98. With the $1.2 billion
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Bullish sentiments for Pfizer and Yelp today

YELP – Yelp Inc is an online platform which connects people with various businesses in the United States. It provides access to customer reviews, ratings etc, and makes it easier to choose services for the potential customer. YELP – Yelp Inc Fundamentals Previously closed at 21.51 Day's high 21.81 Day's low 20.77 P/E ratio NA EPS -0.44   Analyst opinion Yesterday, Greenlight Capital’s fund manager David Einhorn told investors that