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Sentiments tracked for $NUE and $MRK


NUE- Nucor Corporation
Analytics Previously closed at 38.49
Days high 38.76
Days low 38.18
P/E ratio 34.37
EPS 1.12


Analysts opinion Analysts look into as a short term bullish trend for the stock post the results of fourth quarter and yeaar end 2015
Sentiments The EPS estimate for the current quarter is expected to be around 0.34 as the global steel market is going through a tight situation given the world cues
Investors are looking towards short term gain after it recorded $0.46 per diluted share that was above quantitave guidance of $0.15 to $0.20 per diluted share.
Short term bullishness seen for the share price given the slow global cues
Revenue prediction Nucor had recorded 3bn as its revenue ending Q4 2015, which was lower than the previous year quarter. The average growth rate is forcasted to be around 4.09  for the company.
Social pulse 25% lower on social pulse with a decrease in the days trade volume.

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