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Antonio’s Perspective: Technical Analysis of Wynn Resorts

Shares of Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN) gained $2.62 or 2.65%, despite Friday’s market selloff, to close at $98.41 on solid volume. The stock has recovered nicely in the last few sessions since the recent low of 88.50 made in late August and has provided several meaningful signs of strength, by bouncing of its trendline support area around the 200EMA and then breaking above the 50EMA.

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Intel Corporation – A Technical Perspective

This is a guest post by  António Costa, acclaimed trader and the popular author of AC Investor Blog

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) the current price consolidation appears to be forming an Ascending Triangle pattern which is a bullish continuation pattern. This bullish formation is characterized by a series of higher lows but the same highs. If the stock closes above the 35.70 level on volume, the measured target of this pattern is 38.60. On the flipside,

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Bullish sentiments for Time Warner Inc and Redhill Biopharma

TWX – Time Warner Inc is a media and entertainment company in the U.S.

TWX – Time Warner Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 73.64
Day’s high 74.83
Day’s low 73.44
P/E ratio 15.92
EPS 4.63


Analysts opinion TWX announced its Q1 revenues today pre-market, post which the stock prices were up by 2%. It posted an EPS at $1.49, beating the wall street estimates by $0.19. Its net sales were in line with wall street expectations at $73 Billion. Revenues were backed by HBO segment, which jumped 7.7% yoy, the movies – “Batman vs Superman”, “American Sniper” and “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.” The election season and Basketball seems to have been positive factors for TWX.
Also, TWX news has it that it would launch an online movie subscription platform “FilmStruck” later this year, which may be a competitor for Netflix and Hulu. FilmStruck is said to offer access to the complete Criterion movie collection to its subscribers. It also has an increased focus on China. TWX, along with RatPac Entertainment (co owned by producer Brett Ratner) and China Media Capital intend to start a local Chinese fund to invest in Chinese movies.
Sentiments Sentiments for the stock are bullish, with a jump of 2% pre-market
Social Media Pulse The stock has 50% higher chatter than usual.

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Bullish sentiments for Pfizer and Yelp today

YELP – Yelp Inc is an online platform which connects people with various businesses in the United States. It provides access to customer reviews, ratings etc, and makes it easier to choose services for the potential customer.

YELP – Yelp Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 21.51
Day’s high 21.81
Day’s low 20.77
P/E ratio NA
EPS -0.44


Analyst opinion Yesterday, Greenlight Capital’s fund manager David Einhorn told investors that he made new investments in Yelp, and that it could double its revenue by 2019. Despite the concerns that it faces huge competition from internet giants, Google, Facebook etc, Yelp has continuously managed to grow revenues. However, it has had to resort to massive spending due to high competition. Yelp also has been acquiring delivery services to integrate into its platform, and may provide positive investor value.
Sentiments Investor sentiments are bullish due to the news of Einhorn’s investment in Yelp.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 77% higher social chatter than usual.

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Lockheed Martin Corp and Ingersoll-Rand PLC beat revenue estimates

LMT – Lockheed Martin Corporation is a global security and aerospace company. It engages in research, design, integration and sustainment of technology systems.

LMT – Lockheed Martin Corporation

Fundamentals Previously closed at 226.3
Day’s high 226.99
Day’s low 225.34
P/E ratio 20.03
EPS 11.46


Analysts opinion Today, LMT reached a new all-time high of $231.17 today. It has an ROE of 116.2% and an adjusted ROA of 16%. In its Earnings report today, LMT reported a 15.7% rise in its quarterly sales. LMT acquired Sikorsky Aircraft last November from United Technology corp. Sales for LMT for the quarter was boosted by higher sales of Sikorsky’s F-35 fighter jets. LMT’s aeronautics business accounted for 34% of its total revenue, and saw an increase of 21% this quarter. LMT has raised its outlook for FY 2016.
Sentiments Lockheed beat the revenue estimates by a huge margin of $360 Million, reporting a Q1 revenue of $11.7 Billion, which increased 15.7% YoY. It has also been given a credit rating of A -. Investor sentiments are bullish for the stock.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% higher chatter than usual.

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Positive sentiments for UnitedHealth Group, Inc and M&T Bank Corporation

UNH – UnitedHealth Group. provides health care benefits to various customers including payers, care providers, employers, Governments, life sciences companies and consumers.

UNH – UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

Fundamentals Previously closed at 127.81
Day’s high 128.03
Day’s low 126.60
P/E ratio 21.27
EPS 6.01


Analyst opinion UNH reported revenues of $44.53 billion, up from $35.76 billion in the previous year, a 24.5% growth YoY. It reported a quarterly earnings of $1.81 per share, 17% higher YoY topping the analyst expectations by $0.09 per share. Also, over the months, UNH has formed a triple bottom chart pattern, which broke above the resistance level of $125. Technically, the target price for the stock would be $140.
Sentiments Mizuho Trust & Banking Company Ltd, Eagle Asset management, and Janus Capital raised their stake in UNH by 1.5%, 82.8%, and 21.4% respectively. UNH had previously stated that it expects to lose more than $500 Million on its 2016 exchange business, though it booked a large chunk of the loss as a part of its 2015 results. Despite this, UNH has delivered great revenue. Investors have bullish sentiments for the stock.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% higher social chatter than usual.

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What Big Data Can Do To Help You Trade Better

Crunching ‘big data’ for trading signals is real and already happening. Very few of us have the time and skill to shift through mountains of data for nuggets of golden information. The average person will have to have some basic knowledge of how the stock market works and take control and actively manage his or her own portfolio.  Applying algorithms to improve your trading is far more developed. The rise of computing power lets smart companies crunch ‘big data’ — billions of gigabytes of photos, tweets and other crowd-sourced info — to dig needles of price-sensitive news out of the haystack. We are now in the AG (After Google) age and with that access to information is only a search away.

With so much data and companies and with website offering free financial data on almost every publicly traded company we will present how to use 2 simple new age data points from big data to profit from the stock market and take control of your financial future.

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